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Monika Veriopoulos


Monika Veriopoulos (Μονικα Βερροιοπουλου) was born in Athens in 1956.  She moved to London where she studied Fine Art at the City and Guilds of London Art School, 1979-1983.  It was here that she met the artist Michael Buhler who was one of her most valuable tutors and later became her husband. 

Monika now lives in Hastings, East Sussex.


"The shadows of the dead in Homer and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave were the beginning of my fascination with shadows. 

And of course Greece where I grew up, where one is always very conscious of the world of shadows.  They become part of life, following one, undulating over the terrain, merging with other shadow shapes to form overlapping patterns across the different surfaces.  Although clearly defined they remain fleeting and translucent.

The presence of figures in the landscape and their relationship to it is suggested through these forms that have no material substance of their own.

In addition to exploring the theme of human shadows, I very much enjoy drawing from life. These two aspects of my work inform one another."

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